An analysis of the categorical imperative and the universal law

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Kant’s Theory of Universal Law Essay Sample

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Kant's Moral Philosophy

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Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Summary & Kantian philosophy outlines the Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative as a method for determining morality of actions.

This formula is a two part test. • First Formulation of the Categorical Imperative/Formula of Universal Law (CI "Act only on that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law" (pg.

). This is known as the First formulation of the categorical imperative or the Formula of Universal Law. “The” Categorical Imperative universal law (pp. f.): Act so you can universalize the maxim of your action.

(Counts, along with the next version, as the first formulation of the Categorical Imperative, the “formula of universal law” = FUL.) law of nature (p. ): Act as if creating a natural law (= a more concrete version of FUL). 1 Kant's Formula of Universal Law Christine M. Korsgaard Kant's first formulation of the Categorical Imperative, the Formula of Universal Law, runs.

Kantian philosophy outlines the Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative as a method for determining morality of actions.

This formula is a two part test. First, one creates a maxim and considers whether the maxim could be a universal law for all rational beings.

An analysis of the categorical imperative and the universal law
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