An experiment to determine the effects of an objects shape on the equipotent lines between two charg

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Electric Fields and Conductors

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Two charges q1 = C and q2 = q1 are placed 50 cm apart. Find the point along the straight line passing through the two charges at which the electric field is zero, as measured from q1.

Equipotential lines: point charge. The electric potential of a point charge is given by. so that the radius r determines the potential. The equipotential lines are therefore circles and a sphere centered on the charge is an equipotential surface.

The field lines should be directed from + to - or from the edge of the page to the - or from + to the edge of the page. Each field line MUST have an arrowhead on it to indicate such directions.

Equipotential Lines

At the surface of either object, the field lines should be directed perpendicular to the surface. Measuring separately the electric charge (\(e\)) and the rest mass (\(m\)) of an electron is a difficult task because both quantities are extremely small (\(e\) = × coulombs, \(m\) = × kilograms).

Fortunately, the ratio of these two fundamental constants can be determined easily and precisely from the radius of curvature of an electron beam traveling in a known magnetic field.

Experiment 6 - The Charge-to-Mass Ratio of the Electron

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An experiment to determine the effects of an objects shape on the equipotent lines between two charg
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Equipotential Lines