An introduction to the comparison of the us president and the british prime minister

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President versus Prime Minister

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Both, the American and British governments are completely opposite to each other, the British system is akin to a parliamentary regime and the regime that is in place in the United States is a. The difference between President and Prime Minister changes according to the structure of the government.

This can very well be seen between a country with either a President or a Prime Minister as the head of government and country where both exist.

The American and French Presidents: Comparison and Contrast

While leaving the day-to-day businesses of government in the hands of the Prime Minister, the president reserves the right to intervene in matters of policy and administration. The president may even sack a prime minister who still has the confidence of parliament. A prime minister, by definition, must be able to command a legislative majority.

In a parliamentary system, the prime minister sets the national agenda, appoints cabinet officials, and governs at the behest of a party or a coalition of parties. A prime minister is often an element of a parliamentary government, while constitutional republics have presidents.

Their roles and degree of power differ substantially from one country to another. In constitutional monarchies, like the United Kingdom, the prime minister often assumes the role of a. May 22,  · The prime minister’s role is largely that of convention, a creation that has crept its way into the framework of British constitutionalism over centuries.

Not so with the American president. The office of the American presidency emanates from a codified constitution and the presidency is a deliberate creation, a product of the Constitutional Convention of Reviews: 4.

An introduction to the comparison of the us president and the british prime minister
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Difference between President and Prime Minister