An overview of the native history forms in the canadian society

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Native American

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History of Precolonial North America

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Contemporary Indigenous Art in Canada

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The Native Americans

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Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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Violence against women

The Canadian Arctic Expedition (CAE) marked a significant turning point in Canada's Arctic territorial history and helped shape Canada into a nation, strong and free.

By asserting Canadian control over thousands of square kilometers and confirming Canada's modern Northern border, the Expedition and its activities laid the foundation for the future of Canada's development in the Arctic. Native American history in the mid-twentieth century was much more than a simple story of good and evil, and it raises important questions (still unanswered today) about the status of Native Americans in modern US society.

The Dawes Act Between andUS government policy aimed to assimilate Indians into mainstream American society. Africa. Abbeokuta, or Sunrise within the Tropics: An Outline of the Origin and Progress of the Yoruba Mission by Sarah Tucker ().

This significant book on the history of the Church Missionary Society's early work in Nigeria is accompanied by a number of interesting engravings, some in colour. English Canadian cultural domination has created flash points of assimilationist sentiment, and the fact that Japanese-Canadians, for example, were seen as being both Japanese and Canadian, helped justify the imprisonment of people of Japanese ancestry throughout Canada during World War II.

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An overview of the native history forms in the canadian society
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