Learning for the sake of knowledge not the grades

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Are grades hindering learning?

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I didn’t care about learning high-level chemistry, and I was not the kind of student who was ever motivated by grades. So pretty early into the school year, I knew I was going to fail.

Learning for the sake of learning?

So, if testing is not an objective - in which case grades would be irrelevant - then students have a chance of learning for the pleasure of it. Otherwise, there are deadlines, tests and preparations - which suck the joy out of learning.

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learning for the sake of knowledge not the grades learning for the sake of knowledge not the grades This post discusses GPA and class rank. North Star teens are individuals moving forward in unique directions at Cheap article review ghostwriting for hire for mba a pace that is right for them.

In contrast, when they focus their energy through their attention on grades, learning may or may not result. Even more important is the fact that when they set their intention to be genuinely curious and authentically excited by the challenge of finding connections between their current knowledge and new opportunities to understand, they.

Learning things for the sake of learning is more important than your grades. Home Communities Create Shop. Learning For The Sake Of Learning but it got stomped out of us as it became less about gaining knowledge and more about getting As.

My challenge to you, dear reader, is to go out and learn something that might not be totally relevant. Mar 31,  · First of all, your grades can be important. It is true that many places will not look at individual grades and some places will.

I used to recruit college kids for my companies internship program and I have several degrees. I can tell you the first thing that will catch a person's attention is Status: Open.

Learning for the sake of knowledge not the grades
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