Microblogging the new voice of democracy

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Technology & Democracy : India 2015

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How can it be measured? Liberal democracy can be characterized by fair, free, and competitive elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in.

Haley will be going to The National Voice of Democracy competition held in Washington, D.C., in February for a chance to win $30, Jun 04,  · Nevertheless, strong comment still makes it online and for many of the new microblogging sites, the banks of censors are simply a requirement in China of doing business in a new.

In an effort to create a “harmonious” environment, China’s popular social media site Sina Weibo last week announced plans to delete content related to gay themes.

They have all provoked storms of protest on microblogging website Twitter. But is this a new age of democracy, or a danger to free speech? The sheer weight of Twitter's collective voice, some.

Nov 16,  · Democracy Dies in Darkness How Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party.

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By Jim Bernie Sanders freely and frequently gave voice to what you might call the new .

Microblogging the new voice of democracy
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