Nok sculptures as the earliest forms of african sculptures

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Nok - mysterious sculptures from West Africa

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African sculpture

More than sculptures and ideas discovered by German and Nigerian archeologists over the last eight hours are on display. It is in the events of this southern superscript that the most highly developed political, surprise, and artistic culture has evolved. Nok is a city in Kaduna state where mysterious and unique cultural statuettes were found as early as BC.

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Nok sculpture Louvre - Nok culture Nok's social system is thought to have been highly advanced. The Nok culture was considered to be one of the earliest African producer of life-sized Terracotta.

Nok art refers to huge human, animal and other figures made out of terracotta pottery, made by the Nok culture and found throughout Nigeria. The terracottas represent the earliest sculptural art in West Africa and were made between BCE and 0 CE, co-occurring with the earliest evidence of iron smelting in Africa south of the Sahara desert.

Nok sculptures are amongst the most significant archeological finds in sub-Saharan Africa. The more than 2, year-old terracotta figures are among the earliest examples of African.

African sculpture

Discoveries of Nok figurine sculptures in the area since the s have proved that Nok, the best-known West African Stone Age culture, flourished there from about bc to ad In the early 19th century, the population of the plateau increased as various non-Muslim groups fled.

The art of Nok indicates the antiquity of many basic canons of West African sculpture, but the precise relationship between ancient and modern forms is obscure. Pottery head found at Nok, Nigeria.

In the Jos Museum, Nigeria.

Nok sculptures as the earliest forms of african sculptures
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African art history