Slavery in the 1840s

Abolitionist Movement

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What was life like in 1840 for slaves?

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Abolitionist Movement

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1800s-1850s: Expansion of slavery in the U.S.

In addition, the slave trade would be abolished in the District of Columbia, although slavery would still be permitted in the nation’s capitol.

It was agreed that California would be admitted as a free state, but the Fugitive Slave Act was passed to mollify pro-slavery states. 's: By this time, the slavery issue had emerged in the U.S. as a major conflict. In the northern states, " a small but articulate group of abolitionists developed.

In the South, white spokesmen rallied around slavery as the bedrock of Southern society. " 4 The issue of slavery became so volatile that Congress debated whether it could even. Oct 27,  · By Garrison and his followers were convinced that since slavery’s influence had corrupted all of society, a revolutionary change in America’s spiritual values was required to achieve.

Slavery was always a controversial issue in America. Many people saw slavery as an essential part of life in every aspect, while others saw it as immoral and an injustice to humanity.

In the s when Manifest Destiny started to thrive, things began to heat up. New territories meant a possibility for a new slave or free state in America. In the s, as the result of expansion, Congress faced the problem of determining the status of slavery in the territories taken from Mexico.

While prosperity came from territorial expansion, sectional harmony did.

What was life like in 1840 for slaves?

( - ) Chronology On The History of Slavery, To In Fairfax County Virginia, a major source of income for residents came from selling or hiring out their excess slaves. Slave markets were run by Joseph Bruin at the West End and by Alexander Grigsby at Centreville.

Slavery in the 1840s
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