The conflicts which santiago faces in the alchemist a novel by paulo coelho

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The Conflicts Which Santiago Faces in The Alchemist, a Novel by Paulo Coelho

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Santiago: A Hero in the Novel The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo Essay

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What is the main conflict in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?

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Lastly, and probably most importantly, Santiago faces a huge conflict when being held hostage by the Arab soldiers. After the alchemist mentioned that his student will turn into the wind within three days time, Santiago struggles to find his inner connection with nature. In The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, the main character Santiago often referred to as “the boy” runs into many conflicts throughout the novel.

He often faces challenging obstacles that are later resolved at the end of the novel. An example of a conflict that the boy faces, is when he runs ou. Those internal conflicts are also experienced by Santiago, the protagonist in The Alchemist, an enthralling novel by the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist has gained a great success among other novels by the author. Originally published in in Portuguese, it has been translated into Get an answer for 'What are two specific scenes in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho that each show a conflict in the novel?' and find homework help for other The Alchemist questions at eNotes.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. STUDY. to follow, so each person who follows these customs is made a better person by doing so. The crystal merchant in The Alchemist buys Santiago lunch, and when Santiago thanks him, he tells him that The Koran requires him to feed a hungry person.

The abandoned church in Spain forms bookends for the. Aug 17,  · Explain the significance of 3 major conflicts in the novel. 4 central conflicts in The Alchemist. The author, Paulo Coelho, suggests that there are 4 obstacles to obtaining a dream; being told you can not achieve the dream, fear of hurting those you love, fear of failure, and fear of realizing the dream.

First, Santiago is told he can not.

The conflicts which santiago faces in the alchemist a novel by paulo coelho
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