The daydream of a drunk woman

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The Daydreams Of A Drunken Woman

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Daydream Believer: The End

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The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman Summary

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Daydreams of a Drunk woman

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“The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman” by Clarice Lispector is a tale of the thoughts of a drunk woman who seems to be struggling with her place in life as many women in the s did.

The short story acts as a refection for the thoughts of women in the early ’60s. Clarice Lispector opens “The Daydreams of a Drunken Woman” with the description of her main character gazing into a mirror on her dressing table; “Her eyes did not take themselves off her image, her comb was working pensively, her open dressing gown revealed in the mirror the intersecting breasts of several women.”().

The Daydreams of a Drunken Woman Introduction The Portuguese woman in Lispector's story "The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman" may, in some ways, be considered the reverse image of Laura in "The Imitation of the Rose.".

Apr 04,  · How does the woman in “The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman” view herself? In the beginning it seems as if she thinks of herself very fondly because it says that “her eyes did not take themselves off her image” as she was standing in front of the mirror (); because of this, I assumed that she was a person who thought a lot of herself.

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The daydream of a drunk woman
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