The different factors affecting price elasticity

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9 Factors That Influence Price Elasticity of Demand

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9 Major Factors which Affects the Elasticity of Demand of a Commodity | Economics

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What factors influence a change in demand elasticity?

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9 Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of Supply

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Aug 10,  · Best Answer.- abundance in substitute-goods: the presence of abundance in substitute-goods make the customer let to purchase it and it will demand the substitute-goodsm More abundance means more elasticity.- presence of barriers to quick change in prices; in some countries there is regulation for price of milk, no matter the situation of markets, the price must allignent to regulations Status: Resolved.

A good has a high price elasticity of supply if the quantity supplied changes a great deal when the price of the good changes. There are some factors which affect the PES. Price elasticity = percentage change in quantity demanded ÷ percentage change in price When consumers are very sensitive to the price change of a product—that is, they buy more of it at low prices and less of it at high prices—the demand for it is price elastic.

Factors affecting price elasticity of demand. The number of close substitutes – the more close substitutes there are in the market, the more elastic is demand because consumers find it easy to switch.

The cost of switching between products – there may be costs involved in switching. These factors include price, income level and availability of substitutes. Price One factor that can affect demand elasticity of a good or service is its price level. Price Elasticity of Supply and the Factors Affecting It.

9 Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of Supply

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. Supply curves with different price elasticity of supply.

9 Factors That Influence Price Elasticity of Demand The different factors affecting price elasticity
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9 Major Factors which Affects the Elasticity of Demand of a Commodity | Economics