The emerging mobile digital platform

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EasyVista Emerging as a Digital Workplace Platform

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WhatsApp: popularity in emerging markets 2017

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Promise and Remember in the Age of Descriptive Intelligence. The existence of—and advisor-client access to—a digital wealth platform alone does not make a tech-savvy practice.

Gartner Says Digital Banking Demands New Technologies - and New Vendors

To be effective, advisors and clients must use the tools available on the platform to. GeoPoll’s mobile surveying capabilities and one-way messages are used by global health organizations, governments, and researchers to measure food insecurity, assess citizen perceptions of government, determine demand for digital financial services, and disseminate vital information.

Comviva, the global leader in providing mobility solutions, has released a powerful, yet simple to use, Unified Digital Experience Platform (UDxP) that will accelerate a CSP's journey into digital. Sep 25,  · Mshwari is a new banking platform that enables customers to save, earn interest, and access small amounts of credit instantly via their mobile phones.

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Loan amounts depend on how much clients have saved in. We have listed some of the best emerging mobile data platforms.

Lotame is an emerging data management platform (DMP) that integrates and decomposes audience data to enable agencies, publishers and marketers to achieve effective marketing, product and business decisions.

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The emerging mobile digital platform
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