The historical background of the 1930s civil war in spain

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Gen. Francisco Franco's military coup against the democratically elected Popular Front government in Spain took place 75 years ago this summer. It was the event that marked the beginning of a nearly three-year civil war against Franco's fascist forces. Henry Buckley was The Daily Telegraph’s correspondent in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

He arrived in Spain insix years before the outbreak of the conflict and left Spain with the remnants of the Republican forces that fled following their defeat by Franco in The Spanish Civil War involved large numbers of non-Spanish citizens who participated in combat and advisory positions.

Britain and France led a political alliance of 27 nations that promised non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War, including an embargo on all arms to Spain. The United States unofficially went 17 July – 1 April(2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day).

The background of the Spanish Civil War dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the owners of large estates, called latifundios, held most of the power in a land-based oligarchy.

The landowners' power was unsuccessfully challenged by the industrial and merchant sectors. 12/18/08 Spain: Sending Franco Down the Memory Hole 35% similar; 3 Responses to “History: The Spanish Civil War of the s: Just Like Today, The Usual Masters of Propaganda Were at Work” jayhackworthu Says: 17 May, at pm.

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The historical background of the 1930s civil war in spain
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