The historical importance of the relations between king philip ii of spain and suleyman and the otto

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Philip II of Spain

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1200-1400, the Highlights

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The fears were sparked in the late s by a new plan for Catholic bishoprics in the Low Countries and his appointment of many. May 29,  · The state’s foreign relations are entrusted to the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and diplomatic service. Nevertheless, the pope has absolute power in the executive, legislative and judicial branches over Vatican City.

A generation later the armies of King Philip II of Spain defeated those of Pope Paul IV over the same. The Peace of Barcelona, signed between Charles V and the Pope inestablished a more cordial relationship between the two leaders. Spain was effectively named the protector of the Catholic cause and Charles was crowned as King of Italy (Lombardy) in return for Spanish intervention in overthrowing the rebellious Florentine Republic.

King Philip II of France supported Philip's claim, whereas King Richard of England supported his nephew Otto.

Peter Paul Rubens

[ 13 ] Pope Innocent was determined to prevent the continued unification of Sicily and the Holy Roman Empire under one monarch [ 14 ] and seized the opportunity to extend his influence. Oct 31,  · The first one, comes from the east as the French ally, Philip of Swabia, was assassinated and now Otto was the uncontested King of Germany and soon was crown Emperor by the Pope.

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The historical importance of the relations between king philip ii of spain and suleyman and the otto
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