The human defense system

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The Human Defence System

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Heroes with chronic lung disease are often at a more risk for pneumonia and bronchitis. The first line of defense against invaders is the body’s surface, which acts as a barrier to germs.

Every organ, from your eyes to your guts, is equipped with physical and chemical barriers to protect it from harm. There are two major aspects to our defence system – general and specific. General Defence System The first parts of the general defence system are really barriers that stop the pathogens from entering the body.

Fever. Chemicals released by defence cells cause the hypothalamus to raise the body’s temperature; Increased body temperature interferes with enzymes in bacteria and viruses which prevents the reproduction of these microorganisms.

Second Line of Defense Destruction of Pathogens by White blood cells (Phagocytic White blood cells), Production of series of Proteins that kill or prevent reproduction of.

Human Defence System

Human Defence System. Pathogens are disease causing bacteria. The human body has two defence systems to fight these pathogens: 1. General defence system: acts against all pathogens.

2. Specific defence system: attacks particular pathogens. 1. Start studying The Human Defense System. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The human defense system
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