The italian ceramic

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Deruta Dinnerware - Tuscan Majolica - Vietri Ceramics - Candles. Whether as ceramic gifts for a friend or relative, or to enhance your own home with some real, hand-painted Italian pottery or hand painted italian tiles, you will certainly find something to smile about as you look through our Italian ceramics collections.

Italian ceramic tile flooring, stone-look porcelain floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom wall tile: discover all the high-quality ceramics by Cisa! Square Bowl, large. This striking Italian ceramic Square Bowl is the perfect addition to any home! Featuring a colourful 'Houses' design it can be used to store a range of items, or simply as a decorative piece.

The Italian Pottery Outlet is a direct importer of beautiful, hand-crafted Italian ceramics that brighten your home or office.

arrow_forwardNow in its 26th year, the Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition recognizes the exceptional work of North American architects and designers who feature Italian ceramic tiles in their institutional, residential or commercial spaces.

The italian ceramic
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