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He would always simplify, "Never give up", that was being's mantra they remember. Jim Thorpe, 6 feet 1 inch tall and about pounds, combined speed with bruising power as a halfback. (Pro Football Hall of Fame) Joe Carr formed the Columbus Panhandles in.

This essay will discuss the role of friendship in Northanger Abbey by examining the different types of friendships between Catherine Morland, Isabella Thorpe and Eleanor Tilney in the novel, alongside the significance of friendship to the plot and themes of the novel. Primary sources are documents that were recorded or written down at the time an event occurred.

Primary sources can include diaries, letters, speeches, photographs, newspaper articles, government documents, and much more. James Francis Thorpe of the Sac and Fox Tribe, was born May 22,on the Sac and Fox Indian Reservation, Prague, Oklahoma.

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His Indian name is "Wa-Tho-Huk" which meant "Bright Path." Being Indian brought some challenges with it in his early life. When Jim started primary school, he hated it because of the discipline.

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