The plea for the chimpanzees

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Jane Goodall

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Sep 25,  · The FDA has halted nicotine research being done on squirrel monkeys after a plea from British primatologist Jane Goodall.

Planet of the Apes

Above, a squirrel monkey at London Zoo on August 24, The chimpanzees were held in cages on the islands known collectively as 'Monkey Island', that have little natural food and are surrounded by undrinkable salt-water. Mum's desperate plea to. Title: A Plea for the Chimpanzees: Authors: Goodall, Jane: Publication: American Scientist, Volume 75, Issue 6, p Publication Date: 11/ Origin.

Discusses the ethical issue of whether chimpanzees should be used in medical research. Behavioral, psychological and emotional similarities between chimpanzees and humans; Cognitive abilities of chimpanzees; Quality life in the laboratory; Role of the chimpanzees in the development of vaccines against hepatitis B and AIDS.

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society Views: A Plea for the Chimpanzees Author(s): Jane Goodall Reviewed work(s): Source: American Scientist, Vol.

75, No. 6 (November-December ), pp.

Apes point to origins of human language

Published by: Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society Stable URL. This past weekend, members of Georgia Animal Rights and Protection, gathered outside Emory University to call for the release of Wenka to a sanctuary, where she can live out her last few years with some freedom and far, Yerkes is refusing.

The plea for the chimpanzees
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