The primary sector

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What are primary secondary & tertiary sectors?

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In contrast, the basic sector produces manufactured goods, and the key sector produces services. Slide 7 of 8 Fumbling more Mining the biggest impression in primary sector - Business Bukit Panjang Shoddy School.

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What Are the Differences between Primary and Secondary Sectors?

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Sectors of Indian Economy

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According to the South African Reserve Bank, the contribution of the primary sector (agriculture and mining) continued to drop over the last decade, while that of the secondary sector (manufacturing, construction and electricity) almost stayed the same.

Major Sector of Indian Economy Primary Sector Overview:The primary sector of Indian economy depends directly on natural resources to execute the various processes and manufacture the goods and services needed to keep the whole operation going.

Examples of primary sector:In India, agriculture is the biggest example of the primary skayra.comr, forestry and fishing can also be cited as other 5/5(38). Employment in industry (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate) Child employment in services, female (% of female economically active children ages ) Child employment in services, male (% of male economically active children ages ).

Often, the primary sector receives the most government subsidies, since squeezing the primary sector also puts pressure on all other sectors.

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The primary sector
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