The regina knight case

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Regina Davonne Knight

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The Regina Knight Case

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The information displayed is an exact copy of the case information entered into the circuit court case management system by court staff in the counties where the case files are located.

Regina McKnight’s case overturned on PCR

Court records are protected under each subsequent states open records laws. InRegina McKnight was found guilty of homicide by child abuse because cocaine was found in her system after her child was stillborn.

Regina McKnight’s case overturned on PCR

Jody Barr at WBTW says that this was a landmark case, which set a national precedent. Mugshot Nicole Regina Knight Mugshot - is a search engine for Official Law Enforcement records, specifically arrest records and booking photographs, mugshots.

Originally collected and distributed by Law Enforcement agencies, booking records are considered and legally recognized as public records, in the public domain. On May 27, counsel for Regina McKnight filed a petition with U.S. Court Supreme Court requesting review of a South Carolina Supreme Court decision that effectively rewrote the state's homicide by child abuse law to permit prosecution and conviction of pregnant women who experience stillbirths.

Regina Case Regina Company Inc. was known as a complacent slow-growth company and was dominated by Hoover and Eureka within the floorcare industry. Donald Sheelen was a promising young individual when he was hired first as the head of the marketing division in.

The legal citation of the case. Regina v [] NSWSC (8 november ) The elements of the offence. In order for a trial to be brought, the police and prosecutors might be able to prove that the elements of the particular offence are present.

The regina knight case
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