The revolution of 1800

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20a. The Election of 1800

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For Jefferson, the election of stands as a second revolution that protected and extended the gains achieved in the Revolution of Jefferson and his values serve as a useful organizing tool to think about the changes that America experienced in the first decade of the nineteenth century.

APUSH Chapter STUDY. PLAY. Revolution of Jefferson's view of his election to presidency. Jefferson claimed that the election of represented a return to what he considered the original spirit of the Revolution.

Jefferson's goals for his revolution were to restore the republican experiment, check the growth of government power, and. Inthe nation again had a choice between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Federalists feared that Jefferson would return power to the states, dismantle the army and navy, and overturn Hamilton's financial system. Modernization, in sociology, the transformation from a traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban, industrial society.

Modern society is industrial modernize a society is, first of all, to industrialize it. Historically, the rise of modern society has been inextricably linked with the emergence of industrial society.

Revolution of 1800

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. SEE ALSO, Europe Transformed Author: Lewis Hackett Date: Industrialization: The First Phase. Most products people in the industrialized nations use today are turned out swiftly by the process of mass production, by people (and sometimes, robots) working on assembly lines using power-driven machines.

A Biography of Thomas Mifflin A member of the fourth generation of a Pennsylvania Quaker family who had emigrated from England, Mifflin was born at Philadelphia inthe son of a rich merchant and local politician.

The revolution of 1800
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