The sports world overlooks womens sports

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Why helping the homeless means so much to former world champ Mia St. John

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Top 10 Desirable Women In Sports

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Women's professional sports

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The Top 20 Ritz Carlton Hotels in the World.

Women's sports

Nat Eight Burger Bar & Sports Lounge, The Lobby Lounge and the Ocean Bar & Grill. A spa and fitness center offer top of the line workout equipment and replenishing therapeutic treatments.

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The Women's Sports Foundation is dedicated to creating leaders by ensuring girls access to sports. About Us. Learn more about our international efforts, how we recognize amazing achievements from athletes all around the world and find out where we stand on the hottest and most buzzed-about global women's sports issues.

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Which is not surprising: a past president of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association, he called play-by-play for University of Detroit basketball and has covered numerous major sports events, including three Super Bowls and a World Series. The former world champion boxer is now a staunch advocate for the homeless.

But St. John, 50, doesn’t simply hand a few bills to panhandlers on the street corner whenever she passes by.

The sports world overlooks womens sports
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Former champ Mia St. John boxes with the homeless